Uniqueness of
euroceil Stretch Ceilings

Innovative Features of euroceil Stretch Ceilings

We transform ambiences everyday, with our stretch ceiling and wall solutions. Each installation is a carefully customized solution, made possible with the right combination of engineering, technology and art. The result is an experience of design innovation that only euroceil can offer.

euroceil Stretch Ceilings innovates wall & ceiling spaces applicable over a wide range of verticals like:

  • Concept to realization

  • Create designer ceilings & walls with unique finishes, colors and 3D forms across different segments of interiors

  • Exquisite finishes – Translucent, Custom Printed, Textures and Acoustic

  • Seamless paneling upto 48 Sq.m and 5 M width.

  • Integrates with all kinds of themes, decorative elements and ceiling fixtures

  • Variety of shapes and forms possible (circular, oval, amoeba, inclined, 3D, etc.)

  • Neat edges, perfection in straightness, curves etc.

  • Continuous decorative & technical improvements and developments
  • Creation of innovative lighting décor on ceilings, walls and stand-alone forms

  • Customized designer luminaires of all kinds (flat, 3D, cubes, pyramids, spheres, amoeba, pillars, linear and curved light, etc.)

  • Integration of light fittings and accessories of all types (suspended, integrated, spotlights, optical fibers, LEDs, color changing, etc.)

  • Can be used for overhead projection

  • Dimming & color temperature controls, and integration with DALI & DMX systems
  • euroceil micro-perforated membrane can be combined with insulation materials to achieve high acoustic results within interiors (upto 0.9 NRC)

  • Custom perforations possible, including designer perforations
  • Quick and clean assembly without debris at site

  • Removal and re-assembly with ease and speed

  • Adapts to all styles and spaces within interiors

  • Easy integration with all ceiling fixtures – heating, air conditioning grills, sprinklers, camera, security, fire alarm, etc. 
  • Resists moisture and condensation

  • Effective vapor barrier – can be used in Steam rooms / Saunas

  • Waterproof – can be used in Bathrooms, Indoor Swimming Pools, etc.

  • In case of water leakage above the eurocéil ceiling, the water gets collected on the membrane with a bulge in the ceiling, thus protecting the interior. It can retain approx. a ton of water in 1 Sq. M area 
  • Fire classification is highest in the industry (b-s1-d0 / b-s2-d0), indicating low flammability, limited development of smoke and zero combustible drips

  • Heavy metals within permissible limits and certified as per the European standards.

  • Non-toxic emissions (complies with European and international standards ‘A+’)

  • Light weight and untearable unless pin or sharp objects cut or puncture
  • The euroceil stretch ceiling is almost maintenance free, the cost of maintenance is minimal

  • The thermal properties of membrane helps reduce the cooling/heating load thus cost of energy

  • NO touchup, NO finishing, NO wastage
  • 15* Years Warranty against any manufacturing defects

  • The eurocéil PVC membrane retains its physical properties and the stretch for a very long time due to the memory molecules. After any deformation, the ceiling returns to its original shape retaining its initial tension without any wrinkles.

  • In case of water leakage above the eurocéil ceiling, the water gets collected on the membrane with a bulge in the ceiling, thus protecting the interior. It can retain approx. a ton of water in 1 Sq. M area 
  • Fast removal and re-assembly of the stretch ceilings at any time, within minutes by a euroceil authorized professional

  • Easy access to plenum possible in the event of water leakage. Repairs of electrical/water lines and repair/installation of lights and fixtures are much easier

  • Easy to wash with water and clean with eurocéil recommended cleaning agents

  • Production, logistics, etc. require little energy due to low volume and weight

  • 1,000 Sq.M of eurocéil stretch ceilings represent less than 180 kg of material for a volume of 0.10 m3

  • Long life expectancy of nearly 25-30 years (eurocéil offers 10 Year Warranty)

  • 100% recyclable 
  • eurocéil PVC membrane creates an air tight plenum with the entrapped air acting
    as thermal insulation and reduces the heat loss

    We cover your installation with 15 years* warranty


    Euroceil Systems Private Limited offers a Manufacturer’s Warranty on the eurocéil Stretch Ceilings sold and installed, against all defects in workmanship for a period of 15 years* from the date of sale.

    On completion of every project, a signed certificate for 15 years* warranty against any manufacturing defect is issued to the end customer.

    However, defects arising out of the following are not warranted for:

    • Improper use or handling of eurocéil stretch ceilings
    • Improper installation where installation is done by persons other than eurocéil authorised technicians
    • Defective products/components not manufactured by Euroceil Systems Private Limited