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Unlimited design possibilities, Quick to install, Easy to maintain and Environment friendly stretch ceilings.

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Residential Property Owners

eurocéil decorative ceilings offer the perfect ceiling solution to aesthetically enhance living spaces.

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Commercial Property Owners

Corporate Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Cinema, Retail and the list goes on. Whatever be your requirement, there’s a eurocéil just for you.

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Our Solutions


  • Atrey Associates, New Delhi

    "We have been using eurocéil stretch ceiling for the past 4 years. During the course of our association, we have successfully executed over 12 projects both for residences as well as for commercial establishments. We have been extremely happy with eurocéil stretch ceiling and the flexibility that it offers us and also the after sales support from the Company has been excellent to say the least.“

    Atrey Associates, New Delhi - Arun Sharma, Award Winning Architect
  • Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

    "The Scan-room, traditionally looked at with anxiety, is now transformed into a happy atmosphere with a nature theme of a butterfly on a sunflower digitally printed on eurocéil translucent stretch ceiling with backlighting. This uplifting design had a positive impact on people undergoing scan. We intend creating similar experiences to other areas of our institution soon.
    With the possibility of digital printing, eurocéil eliminated the limited nature of creation.”

    Apollo Hospitals, Chennai - D. Kingsley
  • Frontier Medville, Chennai

    "The beautiful circular skylights with printed themes encased in a majestic blue euroceil Satin ceiling, illuminated the atrium with direct sunlight during the day and backlighting with fluorescent lights during nights.
    Overall, we are happy with bringing our imagination to life with the central atrium of the research centre becoming a highlight of our entire campus. eurocéil turned around our requirement within the time agreed upon "

    Frontier Medville, Chennai - Dr. K.M. Cherian, Chairman & CEO, Frontier Lifeline Hospital
  • RC Architecture, Bangalore

    "euroceil creates unique spaces with international quality and finesse, this gives us complete flexibility with the material and can be used across various spaces within both commercial as well as residential projects.
    It is a pleasure to work with euroceil. Their materials have always arrived on time as per our requirements"

    RC Architecture, Bangalore -Mr.Suraj Anchan, Director
  • Atelier Global, Bangalore

    "We have always been pleasantly surprised with the professional approach and technical know how of team euroceil. It has made our lives and our work that much more meaningful and easier. Euroceil’s translucent backlit solutions in the reception and corridor areas of a corporate office at UB City, Bangalore have been very much appreciated by our clients.
    We will be more than happy to recommend euroceil to our clients for any of their future potential projects"

    Atelier Global, Bangalore -Ms. Seema Koshy
  • Meroform India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

    "Thanks to euroceil, we were able to create a lot of attraction and attention at the AUTOEXPO 2012 for the Hyundai exhibition pavilion. The seamless White matt stretch ceiling Fascia solution provided by euroceil, created a show stopper experience for other exhibitors as well as visitors. Needless to mention, fantastic support from the entire installation team in helping us erect the structure within short span "

    Meroform India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi - Mr.Binu Nanu, Managing Director – Meroform India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
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